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What is The Most Effective Tool For Evangelism?

Thank you for visiting CrossCenteredTees.com. It is our goal not only to provide you with quality Christian apparel, but also help equip you to make an impact for Christ and His Kingdom. What do you feel is the most effective tool for evangelism? Is it standing out on the street corner? Is it passing out tracts? Is it wearing stylish Christian tee shirts (wink-wink)? Joel Jovaine offers in this video his insights for the most effective tool for evangelism. Check out the video below. And be sure to connect with Joel below:Instagram: @JoelJovaineTwitter: @JoelJovaineFacebook: @JoelJovaine Enjoy!  

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How To Share The Gospel For Beginners

Thank you so much for visiting CrossCenteredTees.com. Besides offering stylish Christian tee shirts, our main purpose is sharing the gospel and making an impact for God's glory. So in that conviction, we want to supply you with helpful tips and strategies to equip you in sharing your faith and shining bright in the world around you. Check out this great video from "ThatChristianVlogger". "Justin Khoe is a digital missionary. Known online primarily as, “That Christian Vlogger,” his Youtube videos have been seen around the world by over two million people. With over ten years of preaching, literature evangelism, and teaching experience under his belt, Justin’s current focus is to leverage social media to help reach unchurched young adults.Cohosting the show...

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How Moms Can Make an Impact for Christ

One of the convictions here at CrossCenteredTees.com is “making an impact” for Christ and the gospel.  Often times when we think “impact” we think of big and grandiose movements.  However, the opposite is more often true.  Often times God uses the mundane and the little things to bring about the most impact and the most glory. This could not be more true of motherhood.  Moms have an incredible mission field to share the gospel – not only in their own homes, but also in their community.  Take a look at this awesome video from and organization called “Soma” a family of churches  that make disciples, strengthen one another and plant churches of missional communities towards Gospel Saturation.

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